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Fall Moodle 2 Information
by Skagit Valley College Admin - Monday, 1 September 2014, 10:18 AM
Moodle 2 access note:
If you are not registered for FALL quarter, you won't be able to access Moodle or any on-campus computer resources until you are registered. Fall accounts will not be active until 9/2/2014, Fall classes will not be active until 9/8/2014, and you may not see them on your class list until the first day of the quarter on 9/22/2014.

Wonder which of your classes are on Moodle 2?
See the list of classes that will be on Moodle 2 in Fall quarter here:
Fall Moodle 2 classes
Classes using MyLab/Mastering:
Fall Mastering/MyLab/Course Compass classes
For all other E-learning courses, see your textbook and/or instructor.

E-learning orientation schedule:
Mount Vernon Campus:
In Angst Hall 125/129:
September 18th 4pm
September 19th 9am
September 23rd 4pm
September 25th 4pm
Whidbey Island Campus:
In Oak Hall 223:
September 18th 4pm
September 19th 9am